New Clients Step 1

New clients usually  email or telephone us, describing their situation, to find out if we can help.  If they like our answers, and we can deliver what they need, we arrange a meeting.  We tell them what information they need at the meeting.  We meet and discuss all aspects of their tax situation, answer immediate questions, and agree what to do next.

New Clients Step 2

After the initial meeting, we deal with any agreed follow-up actions.  We also establish credentials with the Inland Revenue and Companies House so that we can discuss the client’s tax affairs on their behalf when necessary, and arrange online submission of Personal, Partnership and Corporation Tax  Returns,  PAYE annual returns, and Companies House returns.

New Clients Step 3

As soon as possible after 6 April,  (or their financial year end), clients give us their records.  We review the records and draw up any necessary accounts.  We draft the client’s tax return, calculate their tax, and present our work to the client for their review, discussion and approval.  Once approved, we submit the returns electronically.

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