Six Ways We Help Clients

1   Accurate tax returns mean no unnecessary tax.

2   Tax returns on time avoids tax penalties.

3   Compiling Annual Accounts promptly and efficiently.

4   Helping clients understand what information they need to keep so that annual accounts and tax returns can be completed accurately.

For businesses, this includes sales, purchases, and expenses; for individuals, dividends, interest, pensions, and/or share and property transactions.

5   Encouraging clients to minimise our fees by doing their own book-keeping.

We help clients get started on a user-friendly,computerised, book-keeping system which is free for most small businesses.

6    Keeping our fee rates low.

What Records Must I Keep ?

Frequently, we will give guidance at the initial meeting on the records of income, tax paid, and business expenses that the particular client needs to keep, and the best way to keep them.

Client records vary considerably, of course. Clients on PAYE often only need to keep their certificates of salary, pensions and other income.

Self-employed people need to keep details of income and expenses recorded in categories such as materials, travel, stationary, etc. They also need to keep receipts, bank statements and other key documents.

These days, even small businesses use computer-based book-keeping packages. We can advise on the choice and use, help set them up, and arrange to transfer data files to our accounts and tax systems to save time and keep costs low.

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